Athlete Gene Test Kit

179.90 incl. VAT.

1 Athlete Gene Guide
1 sample tube with barcode
1 straw
1 protective bag
1 cellulose
1 packaging box
1 return envelope


Register the barcode of the sample tube before returning the sample!

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Expand your limits in sport!
Simply explained.

Genes play an important role in a person's sporting success. In addition to training and nutrition, genetic predispositions influence athletic performance in different ways. The individual genetic make-up determines, among other things, the structure of the muscles and the energy balance in the body.

With us, you have the opportunity to find out your personal strengths through your genes. The test result will help you to find a suitable sport for your body and improve your athletic performance. Get your test now and experience the positive effects of goal-oriented training that takes your genes into account.

How does the test work?

The saliva sample is taken using the enclosed straw, transferred to the sample tube and sent to us. There is no danger from enclosed liquids or the sample collection.

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