With the decoding of 100+ genes to success!

Simply explained.

Sporting success is influenced by a variety of external and internal factors. External factors such as the right training and a balanced diet make a significant contribution to improving performance in sport. At the same time, genetic predispositions shape individual athletic abilities and the body's response to training. In particular, variations in the genes involved in muscle development, muscle regeneration and the risk of injury can have a major influence on the achievement of sporting goals.

We analyze 100+ different gene variants so that you can find out whether you can achieve better results in endurance or strength sports, for example. Use our recommendations to optimally adapt your training sessions to your individual needs and achieve your sporting goals faster.


  • Quick and easy sample collection at home without additional material.
  • Well-being cannot wait. That's why we send the results by e-mail within 4 weeks of receiving the sample.
  • Well-being is personal. That is why the entire analysis is anonymous.
  • Our report contains the results of your genetic predispositions in order to optimally and successfully improve your athletic performance.
  • If you have any questions, our experts are available by phone or e-mail.

How does the test work?

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The saliva sample is taken using the enclosed straw, transferred to the sample tube and sent to us. There is no danger from enclosed liquids or the sample collection.
Instructions, sample tube with barcode, straw, protective bag, cellulose, return envelope
The analysis is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve their own personal goals in sport quickly through individually adapted training. Goal-oriented sport takes genetic predispositions into account and makes optimum use of them in training.
These reports provide a highly condensed summary. We are happy to provide the full version on request.
These reports provide a highly condensed summary. We are happy to provide the full version on request.