Test your pet for intestinal parasites!

Simply explained.

The intestine is an ideal habitat for parasites due to the body temperature and many sources of nutrients. In contrast to humans, dogs and cats are particularly susceptible to intestinal parasites as they often have access to outdoor areas and therefore come into increased contact with parasites.

By drinking water, eating prey etc. that is contaminated with parasites, the intestines in particular are exposed to parasite infections. Typical symptoms of infections include diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

We give you the opportunity to test your dog or cat for intestinal parasites in a simple and uncomplicated way. With the test result, you can take targeted measures in the event of parasite infections and thus support your pet's well-being. Get your test now and prevent infections in your dog or cat in good time.


  • Quick and easy sampling without additional material.
  • Health can't wait. Therefore, we send the results by e-mail within 1 week from receipt of the sample.
  • The entire analysis is anonymous.
  • Our report contains the results on parasites from your dog or cat and appropriate recommendations to support your pet's health.
  • If you have any questions, our experts are available by phone or e-mail.

How does the test work?

The feces are taken using the enclosed sampling spoon, transferred to the sample tube and sent to us. There is no danger from enclosed liquids or the sample collection.
Instructions, sample tube with sampling spoon and barcode, protective bag, cellulose, return envelope
The analysis is suitable for every dog and cat in order to prevent the spread of parasites in the intestines at an early stage. Especially in animals that come into contact with immunocompromised and elderly people as well as pregnant women, the early detection of intestinal parasites also serves to protect people.
These reports provide a highly condensed summary. We are happy to provide the full version on request.
These reports provide a highly condensed summary. We are happy to provide the full version on request.